5 Ways Customers Expect You To Use A.I. in 2018

Brandon Bednar

These days customer experience is at the top of all great marketers and organizations list of priorities.

Nothing can build brand loyalty, distinguish you from competitors, and spur revenue growth faster than an incredible customer experience.

At the same time, poor customer experience will wreak havoc on your business faster than you could possibly anticipate.

So it is clear that you should care about customer experience (here after referred to as CX).

But what should you do about it?

Organizations large and small are turning to artificial intelligence to solve their most pressing business needs.

CX is just one of many areas where chatbots and artificial intelligence are being implemented with fantastic results.

Here are five things consumers expect from you in 2018:


1) You are using actual A.I.


Chatbots have many benefits and an unlimited number of uses.

The trick is to make sure you are using them properly and that Chatbots are actually enhancing your CX, not making it worse.

You will be able to find plenty of videos and platforms out there promoting things like "make a Chatbot in 2 minutes or less"

While the speed of that proposition is appealing, I would recommend you spend more time developing the front-lines of your CX than you do making a hot-pocket.

stupid bot


If you want a chatbot that actually enhances CX, and does not detract from it, then you to make sure you take it seriously.

Some chatbots run on nothing but keywords, and menus.

Those chatbots certainly have their uses and can be quite effective, however CX is not the place for them.

You need a bot that understands context, intention, tone, and can respond in kind.

When implemented properly, Chatbots can make a world of difference.

They can save your company time (which if you haven't heard, time is money), resources, and most importantly: they boost customer perceptions of your brand.

Customers want responsiveness from companies. They want to be able to ask a question at 3:16 am, and get an answer no later than 3:17 am.




They want to be able to communicate in their own language.

They do not want to have to listen to a series of confusing recorded audio messages forcing them through a labyrinth of options only to find out that none of them actually fit their needs.

Chatbots that are built with love and care can respond accurately and instantly to an unlimited number of questions.


2) Personalization


Personalization can take your CX to a whole new level.

AtlasRTX bots integrate with your CRM so that they can learn from past interactions with customers and leverage that data to provide a relevant and personalized experience.




You want to make sure your bot remembers past interactions with individual users so that it can provide the most contextually relevant experience possible.


3) Continuous Improvement


When you have usage data from all your conversations you can start to get a good idea of what questions you need to do a better job answering for your customers.

Our platform provides usage analytics and automatically creates word clouds to help you see what people are asking about

We have systems in place to sort people into "promoters," "passive," or "detractors" based on how they interact with the bot and respond to certain questions.

This allows you to look at distinguishing trends in the different groups. You may notice that detractors are always asking about the same thing, while promoters never ask about that same thing.

Equipped with that information you could focus your marketing and communication efforts around topics that are the most pressing.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 1.26.49 PM


4) Communication Channels


Messenger marketing is rising in popularity with both marketers and consumers.

It makes digital marketers giddy like a child in a candy store.

Outbound messaging campaigns from chatbots or from people are proving to be one of the best methods of reaching your audience.

Just look at those beautiful stats. If those don't get you excited as a marketer, you might need to change career paths.

Email marketing certainly still has its place and will never be completely replaced. But messenger marketing is quickly gaining ground

email comparison
Aside from the benefits to the marketers, many consumers actually prefer communications being sent via text messaging over email.
One reason, text messaging flows much more naturally than email, and is much more comfortable for consumers. 

5) Human Escalation


This one may be the most important. Artificial Intelligence simply is not good enough yet to completely replace customer service reps, or sales reps.

To deliver the best CX experience, you need to use a combination of A.I. and humans.

We have developed a system of letting reps know when a Chatbots response may not have been the most ideal.

Reps can be notified when they need to takeover a conversation. You can also track which topics have a history of producing perfect responses, and which ones do not.

Our team looks at this information and trains the bot in the areas where it is not delivering ideal responses.

We work with you to make sure your bot is always learning and improving.


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