8 ways you are annoying your customers

Brandon Bednar

Because this post is about making people happy, I am going to skip the introductory paragraph and get right to the list. That is after all, what you came for. So without further adeu, here are 8 signs to watch for that could mean your customer base hates your company.

Enjoy :)

You have crazy high bounce rates on your website

When it comes to good website design, less is more. A Cluttered and hectic website confuses people and ultimately makes them leave, resulting in high bounce rates and low returning traffic. This is a good sign that people did not like the experience they had on your website, and never want to come back again.



You get low open rates and high spam report rates

Contrary to what some people may tell you, it IS possible to use email marketing without being annoying. If you are sending more than 2 promotional emails a week, chances are people hate you for it. This will manifest itself in steadily decreasing open and click rates, and increasing spam report rates. People may still be opening your email just to mark it as spam so look at click through rates to be sure.

You never get referrals

Your existing customers should be your biggest advocates. Referrals are not only one of the best sources of new business, but also a strong indicator that your existing customer base is either happy or upset with you. The rate of referrals will differ depending on your industry, but if you are not getting any then there likely is a problem somewhere.

Your only focus is on profits

Customers are in fact, people. Remember that nobody likes having ads crammed down their throat (or their social media feed). Make sure your customers can feel your genuine concern for their well-being. Not all opportunities to help, should be opportunities to sell. Make people happy and the revenue will come.

You defend yourself against criticism instead of embracing it

When a customer complains about your products or services, how do you react? Do you listen and take it as an opportunity to learn and improve? Or do you spend all your energy trying to prove to the customer, that they in fact are in the wrong? When was the last time you asked your customers what they actually want from you?

You don’t adapt your messages to individuals

You probably have an excellent marketing team which means you have a highly refined target audience with multiple segments, pain points, benefits, and solutions. So, it does not make sense to say the same thing to everyone. Tailor your messages and interactions to those you are interacting with, and remember, customers are people too.

You make them wait an hour or more for a response

Its 2018, there are plenty of customer service solutions to get information to your customers as quickly as they ask for it. As much as you might think you are being generous by offering a “usually responds within X amount of time”, if that time is not less than 1 minute, its not fast enough.

You over promise and under deliver

It can be tempting to use exaggerated numbers, and promises to lure in customers. Especially when you see so many other people, maybe even your competitors, promising huge results for little work. If there is one way to anger your customers faster than any other way, it is to lie to them. Forms of this include: Bait and switch, framing outliers as the norm, bundling unwanted products with high-demand ones, and many more.

More and more the key to happy customers can be traced back to an old-timeless principal. Treat others they way you want to be treated.


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