Advice You Should Absolutely Ignore About Brand Building 

Brandon Bednar

You can’t build a brand around customer experience.

When I hear this…the first thing I want to ask is “what do you think a brand is?” Or maybe a better question would be “What do you think customer experience is?”

Customer experience entails so much more than just whether or not your service reps are smiling on the other end of the phone

Every time a customer interacts with your brand, that is part of their experience.

So, when they have to wait 30 minutes to get a simple question answered, because your automated machine didn’t know what to do, and the next available rep is at lunch, that is part of their experience.

Or when your customer wants to expand the size of their account with you (meaning give you more money) but they can’t do it because they forgot their password, and the security questions, and their WIFI is down so they can’t reset it. That is part of their experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, when you have a customer who is up at 2 am trying to figure out a problem, and they get an instant response tailored to their needs exactly. That is also a customer experience

Customer experience captures every emotion your customers feel when they see your logo, or when they tell someone else about your company.

According to a study by Accenture, 81% of customers feel loyal to brands that are available when customers need them.

Compared to just 49% who say things like coupons or gifts generate brand loyalty.

It really comes down to associations and feelings. You want to be bending over backward to make sure every emotion and association, every unique customer feels, are positive.


Because customer experience is the ULTIMATE marketing tool.


Imagine if every single customer of yours, brought in more leads than your best sales reps. Word of mouth referrals work in every industry, and for every target audience.

You do not get these referals if customer experience is not top of mind for you.

American Airlines lost nearly $1 billion in market value in a single day, because somebody had a poor experience.

Zappos on the other hand, has built a billion dollar brand almost entirely around customer experience, and with very little advertising.

If you want to find an example of a commodity market, look no further than online shoe sales. Yet, Zappos has successfully distinguished themselves from their competitors using only customer experience.

They have proven that low price is not the only way to win over competitors.

Another good example of this is Apple. The number of people walking around with Apple products that don’t actually need that level of device is astounding.

Apple charges a super-premium for their products, yet everyone seems to be willing to pay for it!


Because Apple has created an exceptional brand based around customer experience.

When customers interact with Apple products, they get emotionally attached to them.

User experience (or product experience) and customer experience absolutely should not be thought of as seperate.

They should feed off each other, and mirror each other.

Brands identity is a result of customer experience and value gained from products.

If you want to build a brand with unshakeable customer loyalty, customer experience needs to be at the heart of every move you make.

You need to be accessible, accommodating, and responsive.

Your brand needs to be wherever your customers are customizing your interactions to their needs.

More and more, brands are turning to chatbots and real-time engagement solutions like AtlasRTX to develop their brand and super-charge their customer loyalty.

So, ask yourself, how valuable are your customers to you?

How many of them will you lose if your competitor lowers their price?

And are you ready to do something about it?

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