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Are you engaging?

Laura L. Smous

"Be where your customers are!" said every marketing guru, thought leader and robust, synergistic customer engagement expert, ever. Sadly, that wisdom is rarely followed up with actionable advice on how to truly meet your customers where they actually prefer to be. Where is that?

Mixed Messages on Customer Engagement 

If you ask a social media person, they will say you need to be on social to connect with your customers. Ask a PPC person, they'll tell you to dump money into AdWords to draw the right ones to you. If you ask a PR person, they will say you need to be on Breitbart and CNN—simultaneously and "on message." You get the point. Conveniently, everyone's advice on customer engagement centers around their world and what matters to them.

Did anyone ever ask the customer where they really want you to be? *Cue dramatic music*

Talking to Brands Like We Talk to Each Other

Fortunately for you, someone has asked the customer. Tons of research has been done one how humans prefer to communicate, in the digital age, and we don't stop being humans when we start being customers. Why would we assume customers want to talk to brands any differently?

Here are some facts and figures to make your day a little easier and your customers a little happier. Before we get into the cold hard numbers, ask yourself this series of questions to get warmed up:

  1. Do you know anyone who doesn’t text?

  2. Do you know anyone who doesn’t use social media?

  3. Do you know anyone who doesn’t watch TV?

  4. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to talk on the phone?

If you're like most people these days, the answers are: no, yes, yes and yes. The message is loud and clear: your customers WANT TO BE ABLE TO TEXT YOU. 

Customer Engagement by the Numbers

Take customer service—in 2014, One Reach surveyed American consumers and found that 64% prefer to use text message over voice, for their customer service needs. A whopping 77% of consumers aged 18-34 said they would have a positive impression of a company that offers texting as a communication method. In the age of United Airlines and Pepsi, who wouldn’t like a little positive branding?

All jokes aside, if you aren’t easy to do business with, one of your competitors will be, and they will start taking your customers one by one. You might not even know it, if you're waiting for them to call or email back to tell you they're unhappy.

Real-Time Experience Creates Customer Engagement

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