Chatbots Are Destroying Email Marketing

Brandon Bednar

Email has been the love child of marketers for well over a decade now. The ease of sending a message to thousands of people at once and the various automation tools make it a very attractive channel.


However, your customers are sick of it. They hate getting your emails every day, or every week, or however often you want to send them.


Marketers used to enjoy open rates for email of 70% or above. This was about the same time Al Gore was inventing the internet. Things have changed.


Email open rates these days are considered phenomenal if they are above 30%, and that is including the people who open your email just to unsubscribe, mark it as spam, or open it just for the sake of getting rid of an unread notification.

The majority of people are completely ignoring your email


people ignore emails


check out this comparison of chatbots against mailing lists

Now to be fair, email still does better than most other digital marketing channels in terms of creating engagement and bringing in new customers. But it's time on the throne is limited.


Chatbots are here and they are not going away. 40% of millennials say they interact with a chatbot on a daily basis, and the number keeps rising.


Over 86% of consumers think that brands need to use a chatbot to improve interactions.


Chatbots are much more intuitive and engaging than email. It can be like having a conversation with a friend.


That being said, consumers do have trouble seeing the value of a chatbot, if it is not trained well. You need to make sure you have a smart chatbot has learning functionality to it.


Chatbots that rely on keywords and guided conversations will be left in the dust.


So how exactly are marketers using chatbots to engage customers?


Here at AtlasRTX we make chatbots customized to your business needs.


Need a bot that can answer customer support questions? We do that.

Need a bot that can warm up, qualify, and pass off leads? We do that.

Need a bot that acts as a personal guide at an event or in a new city? We do that.

Need a bot that sends outbound marketing messages? We do that.


The list goes on and on.


Chatbots generate much higher engagement rates than email ever will.


Email automation tools look child's toys compared to the A.I. driven power of chatbots.


When trained properly, they know exactly how to respond to questions your contacts have, and do so automatically.


If you would like a self-guided demonstration of how a chatbot can benefit your business, hit the button below

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