The most important step in NPS Surveys that almost everyone forgets

Brandon Bednar

For those of us in the marketing and customer experience world, Net Promoter Score has been one of the most vital metrics for a long time.

It is a simple concept, you ask your customers on a scale from 1- 10, or 1 – 100 how likely they are to recommend your product or service to someone else.

The higher the score, the more likely the person is to be considered a promoter.

Marketing and customer success professionals take these scores very seriously, doing everything they can to make sure the customers are happy and reporting high NPS scores.

It is not uncommon for companies to take these scores so seriously that they will base employee bonuses around achieving high NPS scores.

They know that happy customers can easily be converted into a company’s best resource for generating additional revenue.

Why is CX (customer experience) so important? Here are some stats to think about:

  • 96% of customers will leave your business without even telling you they are upset.
  • 72% of customers will tell 6 or more people about your company if they are satisfied.
  • American Airlines lost over $1 Billion dollars in market capitalization in 2017 because of bad CX.

The challenge that many CX professional face is that they only have one or two official NPS surveys that are used to record scores.

Outside of that, they don’t measure NPS. So if you survey a customer on the wrong day, you get a bad score from them.

So how do you go about making sure that your customers are always happy and that you don’t happen to send a survey on a bad day?

This is the part that most CX professionals skip over: They don’t use Pulse Surveys.

What are pulse suverys?

Simple. Pulse surveys are short surveys sent during key moments of a customer’s lifecycle.

For example:

A few days after a homebuyer has moved into a new home, you send them a text message asking how their experience was and how likely they would be to recommend you to a friend.

Now here is the important part:

You send these surveys BEFORE your official NPS survey goes out.

This gives you a chance to engage your customers and resolve any concerns they might have before they leave you a bad score.

Now you may be thinking something like this:

“that all sounds great but I am way to busy to be sending out even MORE surveys that most likely will get ignored anyway.”

Not to worry.

You can automate the entire process with atlasCX.

This awesome tool makes sending pulse surveys automatic based on a customer’s stage in your CRM, a move in date, or other scheduling features.

Instead of relying on email, atlasCX uses SMS to send text message based NPS surveys to your customers, resulting in a refreshing 98% open rate averages and 80% completion rates.

If a customer gives a high score, they will be prompted to leave a positive review for your business.

84% of customers trust online reviews as much as close friends.

If they give you an unfavorable response, A.I. powered responses dig deeper and help you resolve their concerns. You can also take over the conversation and live chat with them over SMS to address any additional issues.

Best of all, atlasCX is just $1 per survey.

If you are serious about taking your NPS scores to the next level, then click below to create a free account today!

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