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The Home Buying Journey Has Shifted. Have You Kept Up?

If you are in the home building industry, this scenario might sound a little too familiar:

  • - Your sales team is worried because everyone keeps saying new home sales are going down.
  • - You keep chasing prospects who will never buy a home.
  • - You are overwhelmed with the number of people to follow-up with, and some leads slip through the cracks.
  • - When you do follow-up, you get ignored or feel like you are annoying the prospect.
  • - Quality new leads are hard to come by, and aged leads are not producing results.

In this webinar we examine how home builders like you are leveraging artificial intelligence and mobile messaging to create real-world solutions that are making all of these issues a thing of the past.

It is time to provide buyers with the modern customer experience they expect while optimizing the process throughout your company. 

What It's About

Technology has changed the way consumers behave both socially and in their retail lives. Mobile phones put information at their fingertips, and they want, and expect, everything “now”. These consumers assume a similar experience when buying a new home, but are met with a process that hasn't changed in decades.

Over the next five years, the companies that adapt and "disrupt" will be the ones to flourish. 



Chris Hartley, VP Sales & Marketing, Trendmaker Homes


Bassam Salem, CEO, AtlasRTX