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The Home Buying Journey Has Shifted. Have You Kept Up?

Listen to the perspective of an elite Online Sales Consultant, Catherine Hervey of Oakwood Homes, as she tells us how she is using artificial intelligence to solve problems like:

  • - Converting more leads to appointments, even after regular business hours.
  • - Engaging leads, the moment they land on the website.
  • - Converting more appointments into customers.

Learn from real-world experiences about how to increase your leads, appointments, and sales.

What It's About

Technology has changed the way consumers behave both socially and in their retail lives. Mobile phones put information at their fingertips, and they want, and expect, everything “now”. These consumers assume a similar experience when buying a new home, but are met with a process that hasn't changed in decades.

Over the next five years, the companies that adapt and "disrupt" will be the ones to flourish. 



Catherine Hervey, Inside Sales, Oakwood Homes